My Work

Ethereal, fractured, collage like Drawings, made up of a network of delicate and intricate lines and marks, a mix of fluid and subconscious versus detailed deliberate and disjointed. Sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes forming a sublime, pleasurable order.

People as constructs, pieced together by inner or outside forces or agencies. Complex emotional and psychic states battle and coexist within a kind of meta/physical body or meta body.
Imagery and inspiration taken from anywhere and everywhere, built around personal or projected unconscious desires, deliberate intentions and exploratory psychic excavations.

Figurative and abstract paintings are created in a similar way again using imagery gathered from a wide variety of sources. but making more pronounced experimental use of layers, abstract gestural marks and a wide combination of media and materials.

Themes and inspirations - Shifting, momentary emotional and psychic states, relationships, internal thought processes and dialogues.  Fairy tales, machines, rebel angels, Fashion magazines, comics, science, sci-fi, philosophy, chaos, patterns, textures, natural forms, cities, industrial environemnts, dreaming, personal stories and experiences, experimenting, Classical and contemporary art, Renaissance ceilings, religious iconography, Jungian Archetypes, graphics, music and a whole lot of other stuff.

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